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Behind The Story


Lyn Ragan knew at the age of fourteen she'd write a book one day. She subscribed to True Crime and True Detective, reading each edition faithfully while plotting her fiction novel she never wrote.


Twenty-five years later, she met the love of her life never thinking she'd be involved in a real-life crime. After her fiancé's murder, she vowed to follow his guidance by way of ADC's, (After Death Communications) and penned their first two books.

Chip is Lyn's inspiration. His proof of life in the Hereafter mesmerizes her to this day.

"One of the most riveting accounts of Afterlife Communications ever written!"

Leslie Dutton, MA

About Chip & Lyn


Chip was a Navy guy with a huge heart and large personality. He never met a stranger, always smiled, and was known for his gigantic hugs. If he saw someone blue, he'd wrap his arms around them and say, "Hugs are free. I need a hug." 


Lyn's transportation career of 25+ years came to an abrupt halt in 2010. Unemployed and forced to face an unknown future, Lyn chose to follow an instinctual tug to leave Florida and everything she loved. Little did she know the move to Georgia would open a door to writing more books.   

What makes this couple different? Were they psychic, mediums, or have spiritual beliefs?

Chip and Lyn are just your average couple with no extraordinary skills or masterful talents. They were very happy together and deeply in-love. When tragedy split them apart, Chip rapidly went to work from the Afterlife to prove their love continues past physical death.


What makes this couple different? This author believes the love of her life knows all and sees all. 

Are there rules, guidelines, check points in the Afterlife? If there are, Chip crossed those lines and broke all the rules. That doesn't surprise Lyn in the least. Chip loved breaking the rules; life was more challenging and exciting if he could find ways around a particular system. Living in a different realm clearly didn't change him.



Question: Do you believe Chip had a motive behind his after-death communications?

Answer: Yes, I do. But the bigger question for me is, what motive was it? Did he do all that he did, does, simply because he can? Or was it because we signed a soul contract for everything to happen this way? Or was it because he needed to save me from myself? I tend to mesh all the motives together but I do lean toward the last one, more so. 


When Chip died, I can't explain into words how my mind and heart shifted. I was a shell of myself and for many months, there was only one thing I wanted; to be with him. Scratch that...I "needed" to be with him. At that time, I feared taking my life because I didn't want to harm my soul's existence. I look back now and think, why in the world did I choose to torture myself versus celebrating Chip's life and the remarkable man he was? No one, ever, deserves to feel those dreadful emotions I experienced. Maybe that's why Chip insisted I write about his communications. To help lessen that kind of pain for others.    


Question:  It's been sixteen years since Chip's passing. Do you still receive signs?

Answer: Yes, I do. Not as frequent or as loud like the first few years, but yes, I do. I need to do better and get back to meditating, but I still pay attention and acknowledge the messages when I receive them. Do I miss some? Absolutely, I do. That's why I check-in often and express my gratitude for the love I continue to feel from everyone, including my beloved pets, on the other side.

Question: What signs do you recognize the most?

Answer: There's not any one sign that stands out from another. Dreams, scents, and knocks, are signs I've recently witnessed. Songs are still a big one for us. Just this morning I was singing, "I wanna I'm gonna" It didn't go away, so I looked up the lyrics and found the song by Lee Fields. Upon listening to the words, whoa. A big message... "Don't worry darlin', about the rest of our lives. Through thick and thin, I'll be there, by your side."  


Question: Do you still feel inspired by Chip?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! His proof of life in the Hereafter still amazes me. I feel beyond lucky, grateful, and very blessed to receive love from all of my angels in Heaven.


Question: And lastly, do you have anything new on the horizon?

Answer: As soon as time permits, I'll be back on the keyboard for a couple of new projects. At present, I am making a few changes to the distribution of my books in print.


To be honest, times are changing. A new direction to buy local, organic, or direct purchases from creators is gaining momentum. We seem to be moving away from those who monopolize and that's a beautiful thing. For self-published authors, I've learned they can not rely on 3rd-party giants to pay them what they're owed. So I've decided to learn how to connect directly with my readers and fans, and praying it's one of the best decisions I'll ever make. 


"I personally want to extend my thanks to you for your interest in our love story, and for your purchase of one, or more, of our books. From both Chip and I, we sincerely, Thank You!"    

"Expect to read the unexpected."

Colleen West, CO

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