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Living With The Afterlife

Signs are accessible to everyone and are Gifts from the Afterlife... filled with Love.

By: Author Lyn Ragan © LS (Living Soul)

There are countless forms of communications from loved ones passed. One of the most obvious is a direct visitation where a loved one appears in a dream and then delivers a message. While this is a very powerful Afterlife communication, not everyone experiences it. Don't be disappointed if you can't remember your dreams. There are Signs everywhere if one looks for them. When a Sign is witnessed and acknowledged, a heavenly message is received. Your Sign from the Afterlife may represent a joyful memory, a deep feeling of love and gratitude for the reception of their connection, or it can hold a remarkable recollection known only to the one receiving the message.

While Lyn Ragan followed her fiancé's otherworldly messages via dreams, songs, and signs, she penned her first two books and filled them with dream-visitations and awake messages. When the love of her life was so violently taken away, Lyn thought her life had ended too. But only hours after his murder, Chip began their new journey when he started sending Lyn ADC's, (After Death Communications), and guided her through an awakening into the mysteries of the Hereafter.


Their tragic ending... became their new beginning.

Popular Books by Lyn

Signs From Pets In The Afterlife

Identifying Messages From Pets In Heaven

Wake Me Up! How Chip's Afterlife Saved Me From Myself

How Chip's Afterlife

Saved Me From Myself



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Lyn Ragan knew at the age of fourteen she would write a book one day. She subscribed to True Crime & True Detective, reading each edition faithfully while plotting her fiction novel she never wrote. Twenty-five years later, Lyn met the love of her life never thinking she'd

be involved with a real-life crime. After her fiancé's murder, she followed his guidance by way of ADC's [after death communication] and penned their first two books, Wake Me Up! & We Need To Talk. Years later, Ragan wrote Signs From The Afterlife & Signs From Pets In The Afterlife.


In the Review

This concise book, Signs From Pets, is an interesting and informative read for anyone who has the pleasure of loving and being loved by animals in their lifetime.

Joseph J. Truncale,

Wake Me Up! is more than just a typical love story; it makes you think, it makes you wonder, it gives you hope. Thanks Lyn, for sharing your beautiful story!

Mindy Larson-Gilbert,

I knew my son was communicating but so many signs I missed. Now, I am more in tune & welcome the opportunities to receive and acknowledge his presence. 

A Grieving Mother,


Contact Lyn by filling out the form below, or you can send Lyn an email to the address listed below.

Please note - due to the volume of messages Lyn receives, it is not possible for her to reply to every submission. Please feel comfort in knowing Lyn does read every message she receives. 

Thank you for your message & your time!

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