Bringing Visitation-Dreams To The Physical World

What Would You Do If Someone You Lost, Returned...

 Chip and Lyn are a very happy couple and deeply in love. As they talk on the phone one morning, Chip encounters a trespasser while preparing his semi for work, and is murdered. He finds himself in the Afterlife, unable to be seen or heard by the living. Needing his fianc√© to know he's still alive, Chip quickly learns to grab her attention with after-death communications (ADC's). Sharing his new life, spectacular adventures, and divine love, he takes Lyn to visit another world... the Afterlife.

"If you wonder if life goes on after we die, you will be convinced it does after reading this book."  

~Leslie Dutton, Psychic Medium

"Love is a bond that survives even unthinkable tragedy. This story demonstrates how love is the bridge that supports and connects us to those departed." 
~ Robert Sharpe, Author of Joy Potential: Where You'd Least Expect It

"If you've ever wondered if the Soul continues on after the physical body ceases, wonder no more." 
~Michelle GriffinThrough The Veil Productions

We Need To Talk will make you question the nature of life after physical death.

Recent Reviews

Read this book BEFORE you lose someone! It will help anyone and everyone who needs to heal and understand. The author went through her loss and devastation so she could share with us what she learned from her loss-- that there is no ending to life and love. 
Pam McKeown, Amazon Reviewer
What an amazing book! I would recommend this book to anyone who has lost a loved one. She helped me to realize that our loved ones are still around us and guide and help us. 
~ Amazon Reviewer

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About this Book

Chip is a perfect model for proof of life in the Afterworld. The evidence of his survival gives the reader hope that eternal love and ever lasting life do exist. 

Read the FIRST chapter of We Need To Talk: Living With The Afterlife.

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