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Quotes Wake Me Up is one of the most riveting accounts of after life communication ever written! As an Intuitive and Medium I receive messages and signs from crossed over spirits daily, but this one is stunning. As I read through this book I messaged Lyn daily. Chip?s messages and signs began coming through with such strong clarity, perfect timing, and a degree of love that it truly startled me! Wake Me Up kept me on the edge of my seat as I read Lyn?s account of the journey through her dreams and into her life. You will cry, laugh and have your heart filled with the wonder and enchantment of life on the other side! Quotes
Leslie Dutton
Intuitive & Medium / Scarborough, Maine

Quotes I absolutely love it! Its very emotional and really made me feel your love for Chip. It was really inspiring and has made me realize how precious life is. Quotes
Stephanie C
Jacksonville, FL

Quotes It felt like I was right there while I was reading your book.The nightmare,sadness and the connection. The communication between you and Chip is awesome! I know that your book will help people realize that they too can connect with their loved one's who have crossed over! Thank you! Quotes
Lora C

Quotes I can not put it down. is great. I have several questions and it has me thinking about several things. I just want to say "Thank you" for sharing your story. Quotes
Kathi S
Atlanta, Georgia

Quotes I loved it! I was able to get a new perspective on what is happening to me. Most of the things Lyn said out loud to Chip right after he died, I also said. It seems we are all not that different in thought and words when our other half is ripped away from us. The most stunning part in this book is that Lyn never focused on the murderer because her Chip asked her not to. And although I know somewhere inside this pains her, it has not stopped her in her growth. She is an amazing woman! Quotes
Lexa O
Surviving Loss

Quotes Lyn writes a story that is both heartbreakingly sad and beautifully validating. What I loved about reading her book is that it comes from her own experiences - and it validated things that I have been experiencing since my husband's death nine months ago. There were so many moments in this book where I just shouted YES, YES, YES. I have read many books about afterlife in these months, but this is the first one where I truly felt validated - because not only was it her truth, but it was my truth too. I totally identified with it and I can't wait for her next book to come out. Quotes
Amazon Review

Quotes Unlike all the other books written by famous psychic-mediums, this one sheds light on what it's like to (constantly) dream about your loved one who has crossed over. And while most people experience some kind of contact from the other side, i.e. phone calls, things moved or misplaced inside their home, etc. upon the departure of a family member or friend, this author shares her dream-time in a very detailed manner. Expect to read the unexpected, as Lyn takes you on her journey of new spiritual beginnings! Quotes
Colleen West
Intuitive Counselor

Quotes Wake Me Up! speaks very much to we "the ordinary everyday people" . It's great to read what the professionals say - but there is always that skeptic left in us. For us who are actually going through the loss - and seeing someone else put into words their own experience that rings so true to ours - is such a wonderful feeling. I can't say enough about Wake Me Up! Quotes
Lynda M.
Marketing and Executive Assistant

Quotes If someone had handed me Wake Me Up! shortly after my husband, Oscar, passed.....I can't imagine what a difference it would have made in my grief process. Wake Me Up! is something every grieving person should have (and also non-grieving people who want to learn about the afterlife). What a tremendous comfort it is. Quotes
Margaret Gomez
Widow and Proud Mom of five beautiful children

Quotes Extremely well written, in the beginning of the book there was so much detail I felt I was right next to Lyn. Intense! My heart ached for Lyn. Talk about courage and perseverance and a love that transcends normal limits. Quotes
Mike C.
Executive Marketing Stratagies
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