Bringing Visitation-Dreams To The Physical World

   A must-read for anyone suffering loss and questioning if the Afterlife is real...

 Days after his murder, Chip grabbed his fiancé while she laid sleeping. "I'm not gone," he told her. "You can't see me, but I am here. I'll never leave you. I promise."

   When Lyn Ragan started hearing from her deceased fiancee', she thought she was losing her mind. Not only had the love of her life been ripped away, she was seeing dead people.
   Guiding his sweetheart through a twisting plot into the wonder of life beyond death, Chip teaches Lyn how to read the signs and messages he shares from the Afterlife. His determination to communicate from the Other Side keeps her focused on his new life, instead of how he died.

  "Death is not the end of who we are, my darlin'." Chip said. "Love can never die. The one Key to everything beautiful is love. Our love lives forever."


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About this Book

Chip's unforgettable visitations, creativity, and ability to leave GIFTS from the beyond are remarkable blueprints for proof of life in the Hereafter.

Filled with loss, grief, and otherworldly love, this TRUE STORY will have you on the edge of your seat while you question the nature of life after physical death.


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Recent Reviews

  • "Your book, Wake Me Up, connected with me. My son died in a motor vehicle accident in 2008 and I have experienced different things ... keys missing.... water from toilet overflow..."
    Laurie W
    Mother of Son in the Afterlife
  • "Love your book Wake Me Up, Lyn. All the emotions you feel after Chip's passing are what I felt when my Gene passed. I feel very connected with you."
    Jan H.
    Widow in Texas
  • "I just finished reading both of your books and the way that you write, I felt like you were sitting with me and telling me your story. I really enjoyed getting to know you throu..."
    Lori B.
    Mother of loving Daughter in the Afterlife, Braselton, GA