Bringing Visitation-Dreams To The Physical World

Sneak Peek


Berc stands up and begins to look around. He doesn't see anything that looks like buried treasure though. He doesn't see any shiny coins or silver lying about the cave. He doesn't see any treasure chests filled with gold and jewels.

He doesn't see much of anything really — except soft flickering candles lighting the way into the cave.

"Chunk," he leans over to whisper, "do you think this might be someone's home?"

"I don't know, young one. But we have two choices right now," Chunky whispers back. "We can either leave to go back home or we can go inside further to discover what lies within."

"I want to go inside," young Berc confidently replies.

Slowly they walk further into the dim lit cave. Chunky stays very close to Berc's leg as Berc walks very quietly across the dirt floor.

Suddenly they come up on a small wooden door. Berc pushes the door gently open, hearing it creak loudly in the quiet of the cave.  He can feel his little heart racing fast in his chest, filling him with excitement. He just knows he's going to find his treasure behind this door! Unafraid ... he boldly pokes his head inside.

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