Recognizing Signs And Messages From Loved Ones In The Afterlife

   While carrying the crippling emotions following the loss of a loved one, where does one go? For many, it's a time of feeling lost, disoriented, and frustrated. Once the services are over and family and friends return to their lives, the bereaved may feel very isolated and alone, struggling to find a reason to move forward. It is so difficult, but the grieving process can find hope and encouragement. A belief in the Afterlife, and even communication with those who've passed, can make the difference between unbearable pain and finding meaning in one's life, again.

   There are countless forms of communications from loved ones passed. One of the most obvious is direct visitation when a loved one appears in dreams and delivers a message. While this is a very powerful form of communication, not everyone experiences this. Don't be disappointed if you can't remember your dreams. There are Signs everywhere if one looks for them. When a sign happens, a message itself is conveyed. This may represent happy memories, feelings of love, or can have a special significance known only to the one receiving the message. Signs are accessible to everyone. Gifts from the Afterlife are filled with love. 

   This author shares her personal experiences with her deceased fiance'. When Lyn's lover was stripped away, she felt her life disappear too. Hours after his murder, Chip started an adventure by sending her ADC's (After Death Communications). Following his signs, she penned two books and filled them with their dream-visits, awake messages, and many different kinds of signs. 

Their tragic ending... became their new beginning.